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Detroit Chaverim is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Detroit Chaverim is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Chaverim, an international organization dedicated to assisting the public with roadside assistance and other intermediate emergencies. A community based member pool for each area to ensure proper call coverage. In the US, Interstate Chaverim was established to assist stranded motorist in areas not covered by standard Chaverim members; such as Detroit and other cities.

The time has arrived to establish 'Detroit Chaverim' with a goal to assist everyone that calls upon us. We will make ourselves available six days a week, and on Shabbos in emergency situations. We are a completely volunteer community assistance organization, and rely solely on community contributions.

We are ready to provide automotive assistance such as battery jumps, tire changes and repairs, pulling stuck vehicles out of snow, fuel and car lock-out assistance. We will also assist in home lock-outs when necessary. Additional services will be added as soon as possible.

Our dedicated members are looking forward to serving our growing community selflessly.

We are truly the 'Friends you can count on.​'

In need of Chaverim assistance?

Call our Hotline at


Services offered by Chaverim

Car lock outs
Battery boost
Pull cars out of snow
Tire changes & tire plugs
Car Fueling*
Elderly welfare checks
Home lock outs
Event traffic control 
Emergency (non- medical) rides
And many many more!

*A nominal fee applies for fueling