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OurĀ  Mission

To provide quick response non-medical services to members of the Detroit community, with a focus on roadside assistance and other instances where unexpected assistance is needed.

Our Story

Detroit's chapter of Chaverim was founded in 2013 by a few individuals who wanted to give to the community in a unique way. Since then we have grown to over a dozen well equiped volunteers who strive to help. In 2018 Chaverim expanded its services to provide generators for poweroutages, and we hope to add more servies down the road.

Meet the Team

Chaverim has over a dozen members and a board of directors. We are endorsed by the Vaad HaRabonim of Detroit.

chaverim group photo edited

Do you support our mission?

Dedicated members and quality equipement help us respond faster and more effectively. If you are driven to help others in a quiet but meaningful way, we invite you to apply to chaverim or to help out by donating.